What is BirdFlyway?

Bird Flyway is a different way of travelling. Following birds on their migratory paths across Europe, travellers are in direct contact with nature.

¿What makes it different? The BirdFlyway provides a new type of nature tourism. The European wetlands along the flyway have two characteristics in common:

  • They are part of the migratory route of two species bird which are great travellers: the greylag goose and the osprey.
  • They have a visitor center in the natural area where the passport can be stamped that certify the visit have been completed.

It is a trip every nature lover should do once in their lives, completing all the stages and recording the visits in a passport.
Find out the secret of the birds: the spectacular natural areas where over 600 different species from all over Europe can be found. Not only does the trip allow you to share experiences with other travellers, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know the cultural heritage and the traditions of different places. An unforgettable experience!

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