How can I participate??

Taking part is very easy. The first thing you need is the Birdflyway passport. You can obtain one from Urdaibai Bird Center or some of the other organizations on the route (*).Then you are ready to start your adventure!

Once you are at one of the recommended visitor centers, you can ask for your passport to be stamped (**). This will provide you with a record of your visit. The biggest challenge is to get all the pages in your passport stamped. This will show that you are a true migratory bird.

Plan your trip, find out about the wetlands you want to visit and pack your rucksack. Don´t forget your binoculars!

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(*) It is advisable to contact the wetland centre where you plan to obtain your passport to make sure that that they have them in stock.
(**) The stamping of the passport depends on the goodwill of each individual centre.

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