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Caerlaverock Natura-erreserba Nazionala - WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre

WWT Caerlaverock is a wild and beautiful destination situated on the northern shores of the Solway Firth in south west Scotland, 9 miles south east of Dumfries. Situated in the Upper Solway Flats and Marshes, it’s a designated Ramsar site, Special Protection Area (SPA), Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and lies within the National Nature Reserve (NNR) and National Scenic Area (NSA). The Atlantic Saltmarsh at WWT Caerlaverock is among the most important saltmarsh systems in Britain.

At Caerlaverock, you can experience one of the great winter spectacles in the UK of thousands of geese, ducks and swans flocking in to feed, under the big Solway sky. In summer enjoy the open coastal landscape full of the sights and sounds of nature, with ospreys fishing on the tide. We are also the most northerly stronghold of Britain’s rarest amphibian, the natterjack toad and also the amazing triops or tadpole shrimp which is found only at one other location in the UK.

To get close to the wildlife there are four towers, eighteen small hides, three large hides and the Sir Peter Scott Observatory which provides a unique window on wildlife with all the comforts of picture windows, heating and a lift to the tower viewing area.The Visitor Centre has a coffee shop, gift shop and theatre/gallery with live big screen CCTV footage from the reserve. Friendly knowledgeable staff and volunteers are there to guide and engage visitors and provide a year round programme of special events. Caerlaverock also has self-catering farmhouse accommodation available year round.




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