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Rutland Water Nature Reserve - Lyndon Centre

The Lyndon Centre was opened in 1985 by Sir David Attenborough. It is one of two visitor centres on the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. The entire reserve spans 1,000 acres and 9 miles of shoreline of the reservoir, and has several lagoons and islands which are great for waders and wildfowl. The reserve is renowned for its wintering popluations of wildfowl (particularly Gadwall and Shoveler, also Wigeon and Tufted Duck), and has several designations such as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), SPA (Special Area of Conservation) and is recognised as a wetland of international importance on the Ramsar Convention. The Lyndon side of the nature reserve is home to a pair of breeding Ospreys. The Ospreys can be viewed from several hides on the reserve and on the live screen in the Lyndon Visitor Centre. They arrive in late March and leave in late August to go to West Africa for the winter months.

The Lyndon Visitor Centre is open from mid-March to mid-September, and is manned at all times by a member of the Osprey team. There is also always a volunteer presence in Waderscrape hide to tell visitors all about the Ospreys. There are seven hides in total on the Lyndon Nature Reserve, ranging from views of the Osprey nest, open water, shallow scrapes and also a woodland hide.




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