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How can I participate??

Taking part in BirdFlyway is very easy. Once you get to any of the centers which make up the route, you need to acquire the passport and register for the first time. It is then that the adventure stars. Make a plan of the stages on the route, gather information about the wetlands you are going to visit and... prepare your backpack and your binoculars!

You will have to earn every stamp in your passport, though! You can do this by meeting some key challenges.

What challenges do I have to meet to complete every stage of the route and get my passport stamped?

The challenges consist of visiting and taking photos of the selected places, for example of the natural area or the surroundings.

Once you have taken the photos, you only need to go to the visitor center so that they can check that all the challenges have been met. When that is done, your passport will be stamped as the conclusion of the stage.

All the information about the challenges at each stage, the description of all the natural areas, the proposed routes or the bird list can be downloaded from the links of every center. You will find these links in "The route" section.

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